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The examples you are viewing are all from one class - Clarity and Calm In A Chaotic World - Handling Distractions.  

This is Benny learning several things. That he can control his environment even when it's moving. That moving things are not scary. To trust his owner.

This is Lexi. She is 8 years old and has a bad back which has kept her from doing her favorite thing - agility. Here she is doing one of our scent games called What A Klutz. In this game she is learning to find things and to retrieve then to her owner.

Benny again learning how to target something, pick it up and ultimately retrieve to hand.

This is Sonny, he is a Boykin Spaniel close to 2 years old. Sonny has two issues - barking at everything and lunging after everything even when he's in his own yard. Here he is learning about noises and what he SHOULD be doing when he hears them.

Meet Benen and his first attempts to learn how to get up on the toilet.

With the seat cover down, shape your dog to get up on the toilet seat and sit down using some kind of "marker". Don't add the cue until your dog is getting up on the toilet seat and sitting down and staying for at least 5 seconds reliably.

Hint: use a towel at first for stability